17 June, 2021 Academic

Kinder students learn about Boonwurrung culture

Throughout Term 2, our 4 Year Old Kindergarten students in Arbor Group have been learning about Boonwurrung culture. The Boonwurrung people are the Traditional Owners of the land on which St Michael’s Grammar School stands.

Students employed many of ‘the hundred languages’ of the Reggio Emilia approach in their learning. Emphasising the importance of providing children with one hundred ways to share their thinking of the world around them, this approach allowed the children to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of local Aboriginal culture and for the Traditional Custodians of Boonwurrung country.

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    The importance of reconciliation is taught from the beginning
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The children gained new insights into Australia’s history through inquiry and the co-construction of learning. An important part of this connection is that children are developing respect for the diversity of culture, heritage, background, and tradition.

Thank you to the Boonwurrung people for caring for the land.Zoe (4 Year Old Kinder)

The children worked collaboratively to research, plan, design and create a Boonwurrung home model. This idea was self-initiated by the children during their Morning Meeting discussions.

One of the objectives of Arbor Group’s research into the land St Michael’s is on was to promote cultural awareness, including a greater understanding of Aboriginal ways of knowing and being.

The Boonwurrung people care about life. They care for Bunjil and the animals. Bunjil cares about the animals.Chessy (4 Year Old Kinder)
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  • kinder-students-learn-about-boonwurrung-culture