11 March, 2022 Community

First Community Action Day for 2022

Friday 11 March was St Michael’s first Community Action Day for 2022. It was an action-packed day, where we celebrated International Women’s Day and International Day of Mathematics, participated in games and raffles, and most importantly, raised money for our chosen charities and causes: Action For Afghanistan, Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, and Brigidine Asylum Seekers. A wonderful group of students and staff members from our Community Action teams worked together to ensure the day ran smoothly.

It's really empowering knowing that St Michael's is a very politically responsible and socially conscious school. Coming out of lockdown, I think we're all a lot more aware of what's going on in the world, so it's heartbreaking to see what's happening in places like Ukraine and Afghanistan. It does feel special that we're in a position where we're able to give back to the wider community, whether that's by dressing up for benefit or raising funds through different games and stalls. Alessandra, 12K
  • first-community-action-day-for-2022
    Students enjoyed a traditional sausage sizzle
  • first-community-action-day-for-2022
    Coins were lobbed to try and score a chocolate prize

In the Senior School, various games such as ‘Slide It’ and ‘Lob A Choc’ were setup along Coleman Walk, with participants using their gold coin donations to try and land a prize. In the Junior School, students participated in a Fun Fair, with various mathematics-themed games and activities occurring on the basketball court outside Dolly’s Cafe.

For gold coin donations, senior students wore casual clothes and enjoyed a sausage sizzle along Coleman Walk, with volunteers taking on duties such as cooking the barbecue and operating the cash register, collecting money for the chosen causes. In the Junior School, students dressed up in mathematics-themed costumes and participated in mathematical games and quizzes in class.

  • first-community-action-day-for-2022
    Junior students joined in the activities at the Fun Fair
  • first-community-action-day-for-2022
    Dressing up for International Day of Mathematics

Head of Kilburn House (10-12) and Community Action Leader, Miss Chloe Hancock, said there has been a heightened level of awareness and concern amongst the student body when it comes to issues related to asylum seekers and refugees.

Our students have highlighted that there is a huge need for the community to help people who have been displaced by conflicts or affected by persecution all around the world. By supporting these organisations on Community Action Day, our students have created tangible change through the raising of funds.Miss Chloe Hancock, Head of Kilburn House (10-12)

Students in Dolly’s Cafe were also reminded of powerful messages related to International Women’s Day (IWD), with signs displayed on the windows showcasing different instances of gender inequality and how to actively #BreaktheBias – a call to action to calling out bias, smashing stereotypes, breaking inequality, and rejecting discrimination.

On Tuesday 8 March, St Michael’s celebrated IWD with a breakfast in partnership with St Mary’s College. We were very fortunate to listen to an address by guest speaker, Philippa Taylor GAICD, St Michael’s parent and founding CEO and principal advisor of The Ducendi Group.

  • first-community-action-day-for-2022
    Students showed off their moves playing Just Dance in Dolly's Cafe
  • first-community-action-day-for-2022
    Senior students show their commitment to #BreaktheBias alongside Mrs Terrie Jones and Phillipa Taylor GAICD

Thank you to all our students and staff for making our first Community Action Day for 2022 so memorable and for actively participating in International Women’s Day and International Day of Mathematics. What a great week it has been!