31 October, 2019 Community

Year 7 2020 Discovery Day – a fun and friendly transition into Secondary School

There was lots of laughter and excitement as we welcomed our Year 7 2020 students to the School for Discovery Day on Tuesday.

Discovery Day is an opportunity for our future Year 7 students to experience St Michael’s on a normal school day, beginning to learn their way around the campus, participate in classes such as Food and Technology, Music and Science, and get to know one another so they feel and comfortable and ready to start in 2020.

  • year-7-2020-discovery-day-a-fun-and-friendly-transition-into-secondary-school
    Making pizza in Food and Technology
  • year-7-2020-discovery-day-a-fun-and-friendly-transition-into-secondary-school
    Coming together after completing a geography scavenger hunt around the School
Discovery Day is all about the discovery of self, new interests, new skills and friendships. It has been designed to encourage our future Year 7 students to feel confident about starting Secondary School at St Michael’s and allay any nerves that they may have.Ms Emma McDonald, Director (7-9)

Students spent the day in their House groups, making new friends, meeting the Student Leaders of their Houses and getting to know their future teachers.

Our 2020 Student Leaders had the important role of welcoming the new students at the Chapel Street gate as they arrived in the morning, helping the students to find their way to their House rooms and making them feel at ease.

The Student Leaders also hosted a lunchtime BBQ and facilitated fun, interactive games and activities with the newest members of their Houses.

The students enjoyed the activities and classes they participated in throughout Discovery Day and they have shared some of their highlights below.

“My favourite part of the day was our first House meeting and getting to know our Houses,” said Ioanna.

“It’s been really good, I enjoyed making pizza in Food Tech,” said Max.

“The special House coloured donuts were really cool!” said Esther.

“I really liked the Science lesson where we were blowing bubbles,” said Deena.

Discovery Day was a fantastic day full of fun and friendship and we look forward to seeing the students back at St Michael’s ready to start Year 7 in 2020.