Mrs Terrie Jones has remained at the forefront of education throughout her career, with more than 20 years of experience in teaching in Government and Independent Schools. Her educational philosophy has been developed through experiences in a range of contexts, teaching and studying across Australia and in the United Kingdom, as well as working with academics in the United States. Mrs Jones believes that schools have a very important role to play in the provision of learning environments that foster an acceptance and celebration of diversity, and that position students as creators of a global future filled with hope and promise.

Her experience in educational leadership and organisational management complements a demonstrated track record in the development of innovative, evidence-based curriculum that translates into meaningful student outcomes. She is also accomplished in the design of pastoral and academic care systems that support and enable students to develop confidence and thrive socially, emotionally and academically. Mrs Jones is accredited at the level of Highly Accomplished Teacher with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) and was in the first round of teachers to achieve this accreditation in NSW.

Mrs Jones has gained international recognition for her work in pioneering the development and documentation of service-learning in the Australian context. She successfully ran two National Service-Learning Conferences attended by delegates from across Australia and overseas. Mrs Jones has been an invited presenter at many national and international conferences in relation to her work in service-learning including the University of Minnesota’s Public Symposia series, the US National Service-Learning Conference and the Australian National Service-Learning Conference.

In 2016 Mrs Jones was invited to present a collaborative research project she led on the application of Improvement Science in a school context, at the AIS Educational Research Symposium and the Network Improvement Community at the Connected Intelligence Centre at UTS. In 2017 Mrs Jones presented a research poster detailing this work at the Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education held in San Francisco.

Throughout her career, Mrs Jones has been drawn to working in schools with a strong ethos of pastoral care and a vibrant sense of community. She believes that the best teaching and learning occurs when students feel safe, and are supported by teachers who know them well and hold high expectations for their learning. She believes K-12 contexts provide the optimum experience of learning as students grow towards greater independence in their actions and higher levels of abstraction in their thinking, in a context attuned to their progress and potential.

In her educational leadership roles, Mrs Jones has demonstrated a commitment to reciprocally beneficial exchanges of learning and to professional practices grounded in research. She has utilised her skills in building collaborative teams to introduce innovative teaching practices from K–12, with a particular focus on developing students’ academic, social and intellectual engagement.

Mrs Jones holds a Masters of Educational Leadership, a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma of Education (English and History) and is currently completing a Masters of Business Administration.

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