St Michael’s has announced that Mr Simon Gipson will finish as Head of the School at the end of 2017, after more than 18 years of dedicated service to the School. For more details, watch the video below or continue reading.

Since joining the School in 2000, Mr Gipson has brought about transformational change and will leave the School with a platform for learning, diversity and creativity, and leading-edge programs and facilities.

Mr Gipson said after a successful and deeply fulfilling period with St Michael’s, he was ready to welcome a new leader to take the School into its next phase.

“I joined St Michael’s with expertise in bringing positive change to educational institutions and a mandate to innovate. Working closely with the Board of Directors and a team of passionate and dedicated staff, I am proud to have established the educational and administrative success the School has become.

“I believe we’ve brought about an evolution in teaching and learning at St Michael’s, but we have also focused on reaffirming our culture and values. We’ve realigned the School closely with the values of its founding Sisters and their visionary principles of diversity, creativity and innovative learning.

“The Board and I agree that the end of 2017 will be the right time to welcome a new leader, aligned with the School’s values, to take St Michael’s into the next phase in fulfilling its future vision, based on its foundational values.”

Chair of the Board, Mrs Fiona Mead, said Mr Gipson has taken the School to a very strong position and while the School community will be sorry to see him go, this new chapter should be welcomed.

“Carefully planned leadership renewal is part of good governance in any educational institution, and Mr Gipson and the Board are committed to ensuring the long-term stability and strength of the School, and continued clarity of the School’s vision and purpose.

“We are working together and taking a very careful, measured approach to the new appointment, to ensure a smooth transition so the School continues in a robust and vibrant state.

“We thank Mr Gipson for leading and supporting the School and assisting with the transition, while the Board continues to oversee the School’s governance and prepare for this exciting change. He has transformed the School over the past 16 years, and all of us in the St Michael’s community will miss his intelligence, creativity, and great sense of humour.”

A search is currently underway for a new Head of the School, with leading private school recruitment firm Fish & Nankivell Ogilvie Watson enlisted to lead the search.

We will continue to inform the School community about this important transition over the coming months and into 2017. For further information, contact