As part of the ongoing commitment of St Michael’s to be open and transparent to the members of our School community in all that we do, it is important to share our vision for the future – Strategic Vision 2020.

St Michael's Grammar School, Strategic Vision 2020

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The core assumptions underpinning Strategic Vision 2020, and which guide St Michael’s now and into the future, are that it will continue to be:

These core assumptions guide a series of focus areas, strategies, goals and outcomes; they also shape our Way of Doing, Being and Becoming and the St Michael’s: Learning framework. Each of these will direct and guide the development of St Michael’s into the future.

Strategic Vision 2020 provides a clear focus and alignment for all that we do, so that we continue to develop our learning environment, assure our future viability, and ensure that we continue to prepare our students for their future as contributing citizens of the 21st Century.

Among other things, the Strategic Vision 2020 enables the School to continue: