Dr Luke Mandouit joined St Michael’s Grammar School in 2022 in the position of Associate Head – Research, Innovation and Professional Practice (K – 12).

Luke is a teacher of Psychology and Studio Arts, a school leader, and an educational researcher with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Whilst working in school settings he completed his Master in School Leadership, conducting research into the ways in which student voice can be used to inform teacher professional learning.

Following this, Luke completed his Doctoral degree investigating how students receive, interpret, and respond to teacher feedback. During this time Luke was employed as a Research Fellow and Director of the Science of Learning Partnership Initiative at the University of Melbourne.

Luke has presented and published locally and internationally connecting research to practice in the areas of feedback, student voice and agency, and evidence-based teaching and learning.

In addition to his position at St Michael’s, Luke is an honorary research fellow and Chair of the Teaching Academies for Professional Practice Initiative at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.