Feedback is fundamental to effective learning.

Accurate, timely and constructive feedback enables students to know how they are doing, and how to improve on what they do. We have developed a model of Assessment and Reporting which places the needs of the learner at the centre of the process. It is unique in the sense that it provides a coherent set of practices that extend from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Its key strength is its focus on providing timely feedback to both students and parents. The model embraces a number of different but interrelated components, including written reports, parent-student-teacher conversations, portfolios, and peer and self-assessment.

While the structure and form of the practices are adapted to different stages of development as students move through the School, they are all consistent with a set of fundamental principles of effective teaching and learning. The model is also designed to be a powerful vehicle for communication between teachers, students and parents. Portfolios (for students in Years K–6) and online reporting (for students in Years 7–12), supported by parent-student-teacher conversations, are designed to provide quality feedback.

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