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AskAnExpert @ St Michael’s: Building resilience for young people

05 Jun, 2023 @ 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Online webinar

We are delighted to welcome Kylie Warry from The Resilience Centre for our next AskAnExpert session. With many years of experience providing talks and working with school communities, Kylie is passionate about sharing practical strategies to help build strong and resilient children and families.

Parents will gain an understanding on how to help their child build resilience by identifying their strengths, while also learning to face life’s inevitable challenges.

Kylie will provide the knowledge and tools to support you in navigating conflict resolution and communication, as well as how to help your child cope with the stresses of school, particularly during assessment and exam periods.

The session will focus on parents with children in Years 7 to 12, however, all parents are welcome to attend.

Register online here.