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AskAnExpert@StMichael’s – Discovering a healthier relationship with gaming

11 Sep, 2023 @ 7.00pm
Online via Zoom

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Kinch from GameAware for our next AskAnExpert@St Michael’s. As a casual and competitive gamer, who also holds a degree in health and wellbeing education and is a father of two, Andrew understands what the gamer is feeling, the impacts of gaming, and how parents can support their child for a healthier and more sustainable approach to gaming.

This parent presentation aims to offer valuable insights through the eyes of a parent educator, and gamer, and will cover:

• Understanding the motivations and psychology behind gaming
• The benefits and challenges that gaming presents
• How to reduce conflict around gaming at home
• How to build healthier habits relating to gaming to avoid compulsion
• What specific strategies and activities can be utilised to support healthy gaming
• What to do if more help is required

Register online here.