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St Michael’s online learning platform – SchoL

SchoL is the School’s comprehensive online interactive teaching and learning platform. It has been designed to streamline communication and collaboration between students, teachers and parents.

With SchoL, teachers can share articles, videos and other learning resources with students across multiple classes. Students can use SchoL to check class details and due dates, collaborate with peers, and more. For parents, SchoL is a one-stop shop providing easy access to St Michael’s news, major events and other information, such as:

SchoL also provides access to parent information pages, such as:

Log in to SchoL at

Community Directory

The Community Directory facilitates connections between St Michael’s community members. The detailed directory is an opt-in service for parents to share contact information.

The School is respectful and protective of the privacy of all personal information. (Please see the School’s Privacy Policy.)

Secondhand uniforms and books

The Parents Community Association coordinates the sale of secondhand uniforms and books.

The sale of secondhand uniforms provides parents with an opportunity to recycle uniforms and reduce costs.

Some secondhand uniforms are available for purchase at the Bob Stewart Uniform Shop. There will be additional sale dates of secondhand uniforms on the School grounds, coinciding with days when the Uniform Shop is open. These dates will be published via the news feed on SchoL. Uniforms can be dropped off throughout the school year at Chapel Reception.

Please present clothes as follows:

Items not presented in a saleable condition will be donated to charity. Items not sold within one year will be either sold at a discount or donated to charity.

This form must be completed when dropping off uniforms at reception.