24 August, 2023 7-12 spotlight - Sport & Outdoor Ed

Triple ACS Premiership win

This year represents an important milestone for the Association of Co-educational Schools, as we celebrate the 25-year anniversary of interschool sport and events as a community. Wednesday was also a significant day in St Michael’s ACS history, with three teams claiming the premiership win, all defeating Westbourne Grammar School in the grand final.

Our 1st Boys Volleyball team achieved a convincing win, scoring 3 to 1, giving St Michael’s the lead as most volleyball premiership wins in ACS history. Our 3rd Boys Volleyball team are to be congratulated on their win, defeating Westbourne 3 to 0. With the 3rd Boys Volleyball team composed entirely of Year 10 students, we are excited to see their skills and athleticism continue to evolve, as they move into the senior years.

The 2nd Boys Football team were victorious, defeating Westbourne 60 to 47. Another outstanding effort, with the team claiming the first St Michael’s victory since 2012.

Our 1st Girls Football team and 2nd Boys Volleyball team also competed in the grand final, displaying exceptional form and energy but were defeated on the day.

Well done to all those who competed at the ACS Winter Grand Finals. We would also like to thank our dedicated coaches Ricardo Buttini (1st Boys Volleyball), Steve Trang (3rd Boys Volleyball) and Anthony Hay, Aiden Fyfe and Jessie Sealey (2nd Boys Football) for their unwavering support and guidance.

At St Michael’s, we are proud to be a member of the ACS, whereby a lifelong love of sport and wellbeing is nurtured. We look forward to a new year of ACS sport in 2024.