Following on from our team’s success at the Robocup Melbourne regional competition, St Michael’s entered six teams into the Robocup State Competition held at the University of Melbourne on 15 August. Our teams competed against 250 other teams from 52 schools – the level of competition was a step up from the Melbourne competition.

St Michael's Grammar School

Our female Robotics students from left to right: Zoe Alpherts, Anna Cripsey, Emma Law, Ava Christophers, Chloe Bland, Jaime Durkin, Sophia Bell and Yasmin Wingfield.

Competing in the Riley Rover division (for first-time students), Chloe Bland and Jaime Durkin finished in 15th place, out of 49 teams. In their five rounds, Chloe and Jaime’s robot called Robotbot achieved four perfect scores out of five. In the fifth round, the girls dropped 20 points, which pushed them out of the top three teams that went through to the finals. This was a great effort as Chloe and Jaime joined the Robotics Club much later than everyone else this year.

St Michael's Grammar School

Chloe Bland starts Robotbot off on the Rescue Course.

We fielded two teams in the Primary Division (for Primary school students) with Confugibot (Ava Christophers and Emma Law) finishing 13th and Botacorn (Sophia Bell and Yasmin Wingfield) finishing in 16th place. This was the first time that both robots had competed, and were up against teams who were competing for the second or third year. Both teams came away with ideas for improvement and are looking forward to the Secondary competition next year.

St Michael's Grammar School

Our primary teams assessing a course.

Anna Cripsey and Zoe Alpherts had their robot Foxy entered into the Secondary Division. Anna and Foxy won this division at the Melbourne competition, and there was some nervous energy being put into some mindfulness activities prior to the competition. Foxy had been slightly redesigned since the Melbourne competition and these redesigns caused issues in the first round. Foxy qualified 2nd into the finals and the redesign issues caused some more headaches in the finals, Foxy finished 3rd out of 45 teams, which was once again a tremendous achievement by Anna and Zoe. The girls were competing against teams who were much older and more experienced. Anna and Zoe are planning on competing in the Advanced division next year.

St Michael's Grammar School

Zoe and Anna with Foxy in a preliminary round.

We fielded two teams into the Advanced division, both teams did well at the Melbourne competition and came to the States with some known design issues. Gavvvinne by Tim Ronchi and Liam Whitehouse once again got the measure of CatBot by Dominic Verratti and Zac McWilliam. Both teams have already deconstructed their robots with plans being drawn up for complete overhauls for 2018.St Michael's Grammar School

All teams represented St Michael’s with such pride, the staff who escorted the students couldn’t have been more proud of their conduct on the day. Congratulations to all students involved and we are looking forward to going back to the competitions with redesigned robots in 2018!

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Mr David Howard
Head of Learning Systems