27 August, 2021 Community

St Michael’s launches first Reconciliation Action Plan

St Michael’s Grammar School has officially launched the first iteration of our Reconciliation Action Plan, as endorsed by Narragunnawali – Reconciliation Australia.

St Michael’s is committed to strategically and practically building a culture which acknowledges, affirms and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and traditions through respectful learning, experiences and connections. The launch of our first Reconciliation Action Plan represents this commitment.

  • st-michaels-launches-first-reconciliation-action-plan
    Lani (Year 1) created this Acknowledgement of Country
  • st-michaels-launches-first-reconciliation-action-plan
    Fraser's (Year 1) Acknowledgement of Country

In the RAP, the School has committed to achieving 24 new targets which span across Narragunnawali’s three categories: Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

See our first Reconciliation Action Plan in full here.

Staff, parents and students from across the school have been involved in creating the RAP.

The RAP provides a vision of developing a culture of respect in our school community and maps the initiatives we currently have embedded in our curriculum, celebrations and ceremonies as well as Our Way of Being. It helps us to understand the value of Indigenous culture and how we can honour and learn more.Mr Tim Roberts, Head of Positive Learning

A key component of the RAP is to build cultural competency and cultural safety at St Michael’s, and to assist with this, we are excited to share with Staff a new suite of optional online learning modules. Commencing in Term 4, all staff members will have the opportunity to undertake one of three Cultural Awareness courses, based on their prior experience with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture. Details of the courses will be shared with Staff through our learning platform, SchoL.

  • st-michaels-launches-first-reconciliation-action-plan
    Students begin learning about Boon Wurrung culture in Kindergarten
  • st-michaels-launches-first-reconciliation-action-plan
    The importance of reconciliation is taught from the beginning

St Michael’s first RAP is closely tied to our Strategic Direction: Towards 2030, which is centred around the organising principles From, With and For. These pillars will enable us to create a learning ecosystem that will nourish, sustain and grow our efforts and contributions towards reconciliation. Our vision is for students to learn From Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, With their peers, staff and the wider community, For the enduring purpose and benefits of a just, equitable and reconciled Australia.

Through the steps made in our first Reconciliation Action Plan, and the RAPs to follow, the St Michael’s community will gain the wisdom to walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, committed to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

  • st-michaels-launches-first-reconciliation-action-plan
    The Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags at St Michael's
  • st-michaels-launches-first-reconciliation-action-plan
    St Michael's celebrated National Reconciliation Week