06 December, 2018 Community

Seb joins the stellar cast of Evita the Musical

Recently, we were delighted to share the exciting news that Year 3 student, Seb, was cast in the upcoming Melbourne ensemble for Evita the Musical.

Not only is Evita Seb’s first professional performance, but he joins a stellar cast of experienced performers, including Tina Arena!

Seb joins the stellar cast of Evita the Musical Seb heading into rehearsals

Seb commenced rehearsals for the musical last week, and said, “The most exciting thing so far is that we got to sing with the Orchestra during rehearsals.”

“It was also my birthday last week and everyone in the cast sang happy birthday to me!” he said.

Evita commences at the Arts Centre Melbourne on Wednesday 5 December and Seb is very excited to perform on stage with the main cast members, and has been enjoying meeting and working with all the cast and crew.

Being part of a large production at such an early age is a wonderful learning experience for Seb. The production team makes sure Seb and the rest of the young performers are getting the most out of the experience, each young cast member works with two chaperones and a ‘stage dad’ – a cast member who mentors the younger performers.

“It’s fantastic!” said Seb. “Each rehearsal I even have two chaperones, who make sure we are where we need to be as our parents don’t come backstage for rehearsals.”

“My ‘stage dad’ is Thomas and I really look up to him.”

Seb joins the stellar cast of Evita the Musical Seb with his chaperones

When speaking with Seb recently, he was also very excited to tell us that beginning early next year he will be training with the Elite Dance Squad at Patrick Studios, one of Australia’s leading performing arts schools where he said he will have “a great opportunity to get more experience and dance training”.

As well as being a talented musician and dancer, Seb is also a keen skier, and this year represented St Michael’s in the Giant Slalom and Ski Cross events at the Victorian Interschool Snowsports.

Seb joins the stellar cast of Evita the Musical Seb at the Victorian Interschool Snowsports competition

We would like to congratulate Seb on his achievements this year and wish him all the best in the production in the coming weeks and months.

Evita is showing at the Arts Centre Melbourne from Wednesday 5 December until Saturday 16 February. You can find out more and purchase tickets here.