20 September, 2018 Community

A night to remember for our 4 Year Old Kindergarten students

On Thursday 30 August our 4 year old Kindergarten students enjoyed a fantastic night at the Arbor and Silvae Dinner Party.

The Dinner Party is one of the most magical moments in the calendar for the children in Arbor and Silvae classes, where the children and teachers of both 4 Year Old groups come together to celebrate an amazing year and create lasting memories of the learning journey in Margaret Thomas House Kindergarten.


The learning environments are transformed into spaces fit for the finest of dining experiences and are ready to welcome the children back to school at 6pm for a night full of excitement.

Entrée was served in the downstairs chapter of the Allan Pizzey building before the children were escorted into their classrooms (to much wonder and joy!) for main course and dessert, followed by a torchlight wander around the school grounds.

The children in both Arbor and Silvae reflected on the evening and shared their favourite memories in words and pictures.

‘I felt happy when I walked into Arbor. I loved the lights, they were so shiny. I loved the Dinner Party it was a wonderful night, we will never forget it. I sat with all my friends.’ – Eva

‘It’s like going to a restaurant!’ – Harry

  • a-night-to-remember-for-our-4-year-old-kindergarten-students
  • a-night-to-remember-for-our-4-year-old-kindergarten-students

‘I loved the Dinner Party it was the best Dinner Party in the whole world. I loved our room, it looked really nice-the tables and the flowers and the leaves. The Possum walk was magic.’ – Anvith

‘I was feeling a bit nervous about coming to the Dinner Party. When I came in I was happy. It was so beautiful-the flowers. I like the ice-cream.’ – Anna

‘It was the best night of my life. I will always remember the white tables with the pretty flowers. I loved the beautiful white fairy lights.’ – Winnie

Children learn about themselves and construct their own identity within the context of their families and communities. Identity isn’t fixed, it is shaped by experiences. When children have positive experiences they develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected, and feel a sense of belonging. The respect and gratitude that the children shared with one another and the educators at the Dinner Party made us feel immensely proud.Mrs Rebecca Findlay, Margaret Thomas House Educator.

Thank you to all our wonderful Kindergarten teachers who made such a special evening possible. You can view the full gallery of images on the Schools Facebook page here.