21 August, 2019 Arts - Community

Mr Scott Crozier – inspiring a love of Shakespeare and Performing Arts

Mr Scott Crozier, Head of Hughes House (10-12), is an avid supporter of Performing Arts at St Michael’s and has been sharing his love of Shakespeare and his expertise with our senior students for over three decades.

Seeing students become hooked on Shakespeare is magical. They often start with the preconceived notion that Shakespeare is difficult and by the end, they are relishing the language and brilliant stories.Mr Scott Crozier, Head of Hughes House (10-12)

Affectionately known within the St Michael’s community as ‘Cros’, Mr Crozier commenced teaching at St Michael’s in 1988 and has been heavily involved in Performing Arts at the School throughout his 30-year tenure.

During his time at St Michael’s, Mr Crozier has been Director of 25 productions and Producer of two, as well as supporting numerous other productions in varying roles.

Helping students develop confidence through performance and cultivating a love of Shakespeare has been a highlight for Mr Crozier.

“We create productions to allow students to step into someone else’s shoes and overcome the fear of speaking in front of an audience,” he said. “It’s about developing the whole child, and seeing students gain confidence is wonderful to watch.”

Fittingly, Mr Crozier decided that the recent Years 10-12 Production, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, would be his final directorial role at the School, and although he will still be teaching at St Michael’s, this has provided us with an opportunity to reflect on his significant contribution to Performing Arts and the positive impact he has had on the School community.

Year 11 student Josh played the role of Feste in Twelfth Night and enjoyed working with Mr Crozier.

“He’s passionate, funny, interesting and takes the time with each person to ensure we all perform to the best of our abilities,” said Josh.

During his performance in Twelfth Night Josh wore a silk cape that was handmade by Mr Crozier and worn by Old Michaelian and current Head of Mitre House (7-9), Mr Luke Matthews (OM 1993), when he was a student at St Michael’s – a brilliant display of the ongoing connection between generations of Performing Arts at the School.

Mr Scott Crozier – inspiring a love of Shakespeare and Performing Arts Mr Luke Matthews, Year 11 student Josh and Mr Scott Crozier

Mr Luke Matthews (OM 1993) recalls being taught by Mr Crozier as a student, and when he joined the School as a staff member in 2017 he was delighted to discover that Mr Crozier’s passion for Shakespeare and Performing Arts had remained unchanged.

“Scott gives students a place where they fit at the School by creating a sense of family among the cast members and a feeling of belonging within the Performing Arts,” said Mr Matthews.

Mr Matthews also fulfilled the role of Assistant Director of Twelfth Night.

“I feel very thankful that Scott asked me to help with his final production at the School and to be a part of his important legacy,” said Mr Matthews.

Old Michaelian, successful actress, writer and producer, Viva Bianca (OM 2000), credits Mr Crozier with sparking her desire to pursue a career in the Performing Arts.

Mr Crozier was one of the first people in my life to truly believe in me as an actress and in my dreams. Working with Cros was the real deal; his love for text, Shakespeare in particular, and his ability to make it relatable, fun and meaningful to young people was beyond remarkable.Viva Bianca (OM 2000)

Sharing Viva’s gratitude to Mr Crozier is Old Michaelian and actor Michael Wahr (OM 2003) who shares Mr Crozier’s passion for Shakespeare and recently played the role of a young Shakespeare in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Shakespeare in Love.

“He showed us the stage, our ability, our strength and the courage within each of us, and allowed us to step into the light and discover for ourselves that ‘we are such stuff as dreams are made on’,” said Michael.

I am so proud and honoured to have learnt from a man with such passion, joy, dedication and love.Actor Michael Wahr (OM 2003)

It’s fantastic to see that the impact Mr Crozier has on his students stays with them long after they have left the School, including Mr Matthews who will continue Mr Crozier’s wonderful legacy.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish directing productions at St Michael’s than by handing this significant piece of what I do here to a kindred spirit and someone who I also taught,” said Mr Crozier.

We are incredibly grateful to Mr Crozier for his immense contribution to Performing Arts at St Michael’s and for sharing his passion, talent and enthusiasm with us over the last 30 years.