20 June, 2018 Academic

Me in a Minute

To facilitate the process of final subject choices for Year 12 (2019) VCE, Year 11 students have been working on their innovative ‘Me in a Minute’ video projects; designed to encourage reflection on their development of 21st Century learning skills.

Me in a Minute

‘Me in a Minute’ promotes the students’ knowledge and skills accumulated throughout their school years and is a segue to discussions they will encounter with prospective employers through a one-minute video presentation.

‘It involves students preparing a script around examples of how they have developed a number of 21st Century learning skills including leadership, collaboration, service to others and problem-solving,’ says Mr Jeacocke. ‘They are required to film a 60-second video clip which they can also utilise in work experience or job applications they want to apply for.’

In the ever-changing landscape of employment, Careers Counsellor, Miss Robyn McKenzie believes there’s now less emphasis on evidence of qualifications and more focus on what skills have been acquired over time. ‘It’s more about the evidence of 21st Century skills and how you’re going to go about learning these skills,’ explains Miss McKenzie.

‘The concept is particularly fitting for students in Years 10-12, as it prepares them for life beyond school and fosters our culture of students becoming contributing citizens wherever they go beyond the school gates,’ adds Mr Jeacocke.

Me in a Minute

The ‘Me in a Minute’ highlighted the importance of presenting yourself in a manner which showcases your strengths and experiences. I now have a clearer understanding of how to articulate the skills I have gained in school and I know this will prove to be an invaluable skill.Bethany (11B)
I thought it was a really good idea because it gave us all the opportunity to figure out our strengths and weaknesses as well as being able to bounce ideas off of other people and work together throughout the day. I also really liked the idea of the interview because it was good to sit down and discuss what we are striving for in the future with someone because I feel it’s not something we really talk about much in general even though the reality of it is coming up quite soonSara (11K)
The project experience has largely been very positive, with students appreciating the opportunity to consider how they might take control of their own future and identify skills and experiences they would like to develop in the remaining 17 months of their time at St Michael’s.