06 February, 2020 Academic

Lily Bell-Tanner to represent Victoria at the Australian Youth Women’s Baseball Championships

For the second year in a row, Lily (10HB) has been selected to represent Victoria at the Australian Youth Women’s Baseball Championships in Canberra this April. A dedicated outfielder and first base player, Lily is thrilled to be competing at state level again, with hopes of furthering her sporting career.

Lily has played four years of baseball, including campaigns with St Kilda Baseball Club and Springvale Women’s Club, as well as state representative sides. Throughout her sporting life, Lily has learnt that success comes with hard work, perseverance, discipline and above all, team work.

I’m really excited to represent Victoria again this year, it’s a really amazing opportunity. I was able make so many friends who shared the same passion as me, some of which will play again this year. I have learned so much from my coaches and team mates – they have taught me a lot about baseball and being a part of a team.Lily Bell-Tanner (10HB)

While Lily has had several other sporting pursuits, the dream of playing baseball was realised from a young age. Lily was fortunate enough to travel overseas several times, seeing as many baseball games as possible during her visits.

“I went to my first game in Los Angeles when I was five, which is why I’m a L.A Dodgers fan now. I’ve been lucky to see games in Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, Tokyo and Osaka too. But more locally, I’ve also been to a quite a few of the Melbourne Aces games in Altona, which are a lot of fun, “ said Lily.

“Then, in Year 5, I played school softball but the closest Club to join was too far away. My dad encouraged me to give baseball a go, so I did, and I’ve been playing ever since,” said Lily.

  • lily-bell-tanner-to-represent-victoria-at-the-australian-youth-womens-baseball-championships
    Lily at the 2018 Australian Youth Women's Baseball Championships
  • lily-bell-tanner-to-represent-victoria-at-the-australian-youth-womens-baseball-championships
    Lily with last year's team mates

Last year, the goal of representing her state at the Australian Youth Women’s Baseball Championships was accomplished. Lily was thrilled to be selected to play but also came home with a bronze medal and some great friendships.

“It was definitely a fun experience but it was also challenging. I’d like to continue playing at state level to build on my skills and then next year, I hope to try out for the Blue and White (Victoria) team and one day play at a national level – that would be the dream.”

With an exciting baseball season ahead, we look forward to following Lily’s sporting journey and wish her all the best at the Youth Women’s Baseball Championships.