16 May, 2019 Community

Introducing The Crest: the School’s new magazine

We are delighted to introduce the School’s new magazine, The Crest.

In deciding to launch this new publication, The Crest, we are honouring the past and heralding the future.Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School

“The Crest evokes the badge of St Michael’s Grammar School, an enduring signifier of the School’s narrative and history, emblematic of our shared history but in its variations, also indicative of the School’s progressive and evolving nature,” said Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School.

Through The Crest, we will curate news and stories from across the School and present them to our community twice a year.

In our ongoing quest to minimise the School’s environmental impact and reach as many members of our community as possible, The Crest is intentionally an online magazine. If you do wish to receive a printed copy of The Crest on FSC recycled paper, this is available on a per-issue basis. Details can be found here.

Alternatively, you can collect a copy of the magazine from the School’s Chapel and Marlton receptions.

We hope you enjoy the insights and news herein and look forward to your feedback and contributions to assist in making The Crest the best reflection of our dynamic and vibrant community.