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Introducing SMGS Generation

A support network of professionals linking student learning to real life.

Introducing SMGS Generation SMGS Generation

Imagine as a student if you had access to a support network of professionals who were willing to share their experience and link your learning to real life.

SMGS Generation is an exciting new online platform designed to benefit St Michael’s students, past and present, by providing opportunities to link their learning to the career skills and experience of our extensive St Michael’s network.

Generation has been developed through an extremely generous donation from Steve Kloss (St Michael’s current parent) who had the foresight to see that the parents and Old Michaelians were a largely untapped resource to support student learning at the School.

The vision is that Old Michaelians will also find the platform an exciting way to remain engaged with the School and with each other, as well as a site for potential mentoring and career opportunities.

I am pleased to say that through SMGS Generation, we now have the facility to augment our existing quality teaching staff with expertise and experiences from the world beyond school, to enrich our students’ learning.Mrs Terrie Jones, Head of the School

Generation connects parents and Old Michaelians to the School’s teaching and learning programs, providing opportunities to help our students through the sharing of professional knowledge, skills and career experience. Parents and Old Michaelians who sign-up to Generation are able to indicate the level of help they are willing to provide, empowering the teachers of St Michael’s to create new and exciting learning experiences for the current and next generation of students.

‘As a parent community we form an unbelievable network of additional knowledge and wisdom that can be made available to students. The challenge has always been how do we offer this experience to the School in a manner that does not flood our working lives with requests to help. Generation allows parents who actively want to assist our students in their future by allowing them to offer advice and information about their areas of expertise and profession.’ – Mr Steve Kloss, Parent and donor

The online support network of professionals continues to exist long after students have completed Year 12, ensuring that when they leave St Michael’s, they do so confident in the knowledge of who they are and what they are good at, combined with the skills, values and attributes that will enable them to make the most of the world’s opportunities.

Old Michaelians can also utilise Generation to reconnect with former classmates, and receive information and events relevant to their year level.

‘As an Old Michaelian, Generation is a fantastic way to retain connection with the School and old classmates, and provides an excellent networking opportunity with members of the community willing to help you take that next step in your career. I can’t wait to reconnect and network with all Old Michaelians. We hope this is the beginning of creating a strong bond between the School and the Old Michaelian community.’ – Ms Joanna Margiolis (OM 2014), Old Michaelian Committee Member

We encourage all parents and Old Michaelians to sign up to Generation to make possible exciting new opportunities for enhanced connection, learning and growth.

Introducing SMGS Generation

Sign-up is quick and can be via LinkedIn or email (please note, Generation is a closed network and as such, sign-ups do require approval).