03 August, 2018 Academic - Arts - Community

Independent Schools Victoria Annual Art Exhibition

Opening night was full of excitement as students, parents and teachers from all over Victoria came to see their work exhibited in the Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Gallery in the CBD on July 31 2018. St Michael’s was one of a number of Victorian Independent schools invited to exhibit in this year’s exhibition.

Officially opened by special guest Dr Flossie Chua from Harvard University’s Project Zero Team, the gallery will be the home to over 100 pieces until August 30.

As a K–12 school, we sought to represent works across all year levels and a piece of work from one student in Years 1 to 12 was therefore selected to show the breadth and depth of our programs and the students’ ideas and abilities.

The media ranged from soft sculptures, ceramic plates, drawings with charcoal conceptual acrylic sculptures and assemblages, analogue photography, oil painting, graphic designs and acrylic and watercolour paintings. An excellent representation of the vast range of courses being taught within the School.

Special thanks to the art staff who supported the creative endeavours and attended the opening. A proud moment and also special thanks to Ms Jan Ritchie for framing and coordinating the submission of works.

Miss Monique Warwick
Head of Visual Arts and Design 

Year 1 – Barnaby – ‘Assemblage’, mixed media – Selected by Mrs Maddi Stamer

Year 2 – Ilaria – ‘Sunflowers’, pencil and acrylic paint – Selected by Mrs Martine Cook

Year 3 – Will – ‘Sculptural cushion’, mixed media – Selected by Mrs Martine Cook

Year 4 – Erik – ‘Van Gogh-inspired still life’, acrylic on paper – Selected by Mrs Martine Cook

Year 5 – Lulu – ‘Earthenware Plate’, ceramic plate – Selected by Miss Kate Howard

Year 6 – Cooper – ‘Typography spiral’, fine liner ink on paper – Selected by Miss Kate Howard

Year 7 – Pippa – ‘Rooftops’, drypoint etching on paper – Selected by Mr Adrian Corke

Year 8 – Sophie – Acrylic on canvas – Selected by Ms Rebekah Banks

Year 9 – Monique – ‘Power lines’, charcoal on paper – Selected by Ms Rebekah Banks

Year 10 – Luca – ‘Oranges’, Oil on Canvas – Selected by Ms Rebekah Banks

Year 11 – Li-Shan – ‘Her isolation’, photography – Selected by Miss Monique Warwick

Year 12 – Lily – ‘Invisible hand’, acrylic and magnets and posca markers –  Selected by Miss Monique Warwick