28 October, 2021 Academic

Exploring the magic of mathematics

From October 10 to 17, St Michael’s Junior School celebrated Global Math Week. Students and staff were excited to join this movement that is uplifting mathematics and connecting students and educators across the globe.

Global Math Week is organised by the Global Math Project, a global community of mathematics teachers and supporters who want all learners to experience joy and wonder in school-relevant mathematics.

I love maths because there is always more to learn, it never stops.Year 2 student

St Michael’s got involved in Global Math Week by bringing new mathematics experiences into our classrooms and online learning activities.

“Math is really fun because it challenges your brain” – Year 2 student.

Prep students enjoyed a Maths Scavenger Hunt around their homes, where they found something round, something square, something in a pair, a unit of measurement and much more. They also practiced skip-counting, writing numbers, addition and subtraction.

Furthering these ideas, Year 1 students applied their understanding of addition and skip counting by exploring money. Students created a Toy Shop at home by selecting a toy, making a price tag and then collecting the coins to purchase their toy. They also discussed how mathematics is all around us.

  • exploring-the-magic-of-mathematics
    Skip counting
  • exploring-the-magic-of-mathematics
    Scavenger hunt finds

“The children in Year 1 were so impressed about being able to look at everyday objects all around them and be able to connect them to a mathematical concept such as the shape, pattern or number.” – Julia Hargrave (Year 1 Teacher & Numeracy PLT Member)

“Maths is everywhere, like in cooking, art and even animals because they are 3D shapes. A cat has an ovoid body, a sphere head, pyramid ears and cylinder legs and a long cylinder tail.” – Klara, Year 1

“I love maths because there are so many ways you can use it” – Year 1 student.

I like how I always get a challenge.Year 2 student

Year 3 took time during Global Math Week to learn about fractions. Through a fun activity including jars and sweets, students worked to understand fractions, numerators and denominators.

“I use lots of fractions and scales for weighing when I am baking” – Year 4 student.

In Year 5, students had lots of fun with problem solving, puzzles and riddles. Emphasis was placed on carefully considering the questions asked to provide an accurate response.

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    Counting money
  • exploring-the-magic-of-mathematics
    Outdoor course map
We took the opportunity for a bit of fun in Maths for Global Maths Week. We engaged with riddles and brain teasers as a way of highlighting the importance of reading the question carefully. The children really enjoyed the chance to take a break from the ‘regular’ approaches to Maths, but it also felt purposeful and challenging.Mr Emmet Nichols (Year 5 Teacher and Numeracy PLT member)

“I love multiplication, it’s challenging, and I learn strategies to help with other thinking, and it helps me problem-solve.” – Year 4 student

“I like that I can try different ways and strategies and know that it’s ok to get things wrong” – Year 4 student.

In the highest level of the Junior School, our Year 6 students worked in virtual break-out rooms to create an Angles Scavenger Hunt. Working in teams, students took photographs around their homes to locate, classify and describe different angles. They also took part in creative design investigations. One activity saw students create an outdoor course idea where they used protractors to make angles, lines and shapes. Another activity saw students designing T-shirts using knowledge of measurement and conversion.

Students’ numerical skills were also reinforced across disciplines, with Anam Cara Learning classes focusing on numerology in the Bible, and Music classes including “music maths” and the addition of note values.

Thank you to all staff involved in Global Math Week, for celebrating the magic of mathematics at St Michael’s.