14 March, 2019 Academic

Experiencing the judicial system – a reflection by Year 12 Legal Studies students

Recently, Year 12 Legal Studies students spent a day visiting the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts, where they experienced the judicial system firsthand.

During their visit to the courts, students had the opportunity to speak with magistrates and judges and observed real-life cases being conducted.

When they returned to School, the students reflected on their experience and shared their thoughts below.

On Thursday, 7 March, the Unit 3 VCE Legal Studies students went on an excursion to the courts.

First, we went to the County Court where we had a question and answer session with Judge Marks, a mother of a current St Michael’s student. We talked about her role, her pathway to become a judge, being a barrister, and she also addressed any other questions that we asked.

In the County Court, we watched a drug trafficking trial where the accused, an optometrist, pleaded guilty to importing a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug.

We then visited the Magistrates’ Court, where we witnessed an accused being committed to stand trial for 10 sexual offences.

While at the Magistrates’ Court, Magistrate Bazzani, also a parent of a current St Michael’s student, talked to us, explaining her role as a Magistrate, her career path, the impact of media on the justice system, the effect of her career on her mental health, and she discussed the case which we had just heard.

At the Supreme Court, a past student, Ben Bromberg (OM 2007) who is now a Judge’s Associate discussed with us his current role, studying law at university, his past experiences as a solicitor, working overseas in the legal system and his aspirations. While in the Supreme Court, we were also fortunate to hear a little of a murder trial!

All the speakers we heard were very insightful, and we thank them all for their time as they were truly inspiring, knowledgeable and have given us a different perspective and advice on the justice system and pathways to law.

At the end of the day, we went back to the Magistrates’ Court where we divided into smaller groups and heard a variety of cases.

To all younger students, we highly recommend Legal Studies, it is a great subject with interesting content that allows for hands-on and relevant learning!

– Year 12 Legal Studies students