17 January, 2022 Academic

Diverse tertiary offers for our Class of 2021

Our Class of 2021 graduates have now received their first-round tertiary offers, following another year of excellent VCE results.

Our students have received an assortment of exciting offers across a wide range of university courses and other learning opportunities, continuing a long history of diverse learning pathways. St Michael’s takes great pride in supporting our Class of 2021 as they take the next step on their learning journey.

From our Class of 2021, 129 students completed the VCE, and 119 students applied for tertiary courses. We are very pleased to share that 100% of those students received a tertiary offer.

Our 2021 graduates were offered places at a variety of tertiary institutions. Of our Class of 2021, 35 graduates received a January offer for The University of Melbourne, 32 for Monash University, 24 for RMIT, 8 for Swinburne, 4 each for Australian Catholic University and Deakin, 2 each for Victoria University and La Trobe, with the remaining students receiving offers from other interstate, overseas and private providers.

One student also received a Chancellor’s Scholars place at The University of Melbourne, which guarantees entry into a Masters degree, as well as a scholarship.

What has stood out for me with the Class of 2021, are the many stories of resilience and adaptability.Miss Robyn McKenzie, Careers Counsellor

St Michael’s Careers Counsellor, Miss Robyn McKenzie, has been a constant beacon of support for our students. Miss McKenzie expertly guides our students towards successful and fulfilling career choices, ensuring that students are well-informed about all possible post-School pathways available to them. By conducting individual interviews and group sessions, students are empowered to approach career opportunities with confidence, courage and purpose. Throughout the disruptions of 2020 and 2021, Miss McKenzie and other committed staff members have ensured that Careers presentations and one-on-one appointments went ahead with minimal disruption, shifting a large majority of these meetings to online spaces.

As is characteristic of a group of St Michael’s students, a large portion of our Class of 2021 have chosen a wide variety of single and double-degree courses, which reflects the breadth of our students’ interests.

The events over the course of the past two years have greatly influenced and inspired curiosity in the minds of our students. Some students became particularly interested in courses such as Scientific research, Epidemiology and Environmental issues, while others have discovered how important fields such as Creative Arts and Psychological Wellbeing have been during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The majority of offers for 2022 are for courses in the area of Society and Culture with 44 offers, then 22 offers for Creative Arts, Natural and Physical Sciences had 20 offers, 18 for Management and Commerce, Engineering and related areas had 11, Architecture and Building had 9, Health had 7, Information Technology had 5, and Agriculture and Environmental Studies had 2 offers.

When I reflect on some of the tertiary offers received, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in our students for stepping up and persevering.Miss Robyn McKenzie, Careers Counsellor

We would like to congratulate our Class of 2021 on their outstanding accomplishments whilst at St Michael’s, especially given the challenges faced over the last 2 years. We wish all students the very best for their bright futures and look forward to following them on their journey as Old Michaelians.