Following last year’s wonderful VCE results of our Class of 2017, first-round tertiary offers were released yesterday.

St Michael’s students have a long history of continuing to tertiary study, and many of our students have received an offer that will enable them to take that next step into their chosen field.

From our Class of 2017, 118 students undertook VCE, and 110 of our students applied for tertiary courses. We are pleased to say that of the students who applied for a tertiary course, 96.36% received a first-round offer through VTAC.

Preparing our students for the next step in their life is our fundamental obligation at St Michael’s. We continue to encourage students to follow their passion and excel in their area of choice.

In their final years, the School’s Careers Counsellor, Miss Robyn McKenzie, plays a vital role in helping our students plan for life beyond St Michael’s; conducting one-on-one and group interviews and sessions with all students. A large number of options and pathways are available to today’s students. By providing students with all the information they require, we ensure they are extremely well-informed about their tertiary education and career options by the time they graduate.

“The success of the Class of 2017 is in seeing how many students were being resourceful, open-minded, using their knowledge and following advice,” said Miss McKenzie. “Some of the most rewarding offers were for students who overcame challenges throughout the year, and were successful in receiving an offer. It is heart-warming to see our students achieve their next education goal.”

This year, our students were offered places in a variety of tertiary institutions. 27 of the Class received a first-round offer for Monash University, 24 for The University of Melbourne, 24 for RMIT University, 18 for Swinburne University, 5 for Australian Catholic University and 5 for Deakin University. Students also received offers from a number of other tertiary institutions, including TAFE, foundation programs and independent tertiary colleges.

Reflecting the diversity of interests and abilities of St Michael’s students, a wide variety of single and double degree courses were chosen by our students. The majority of offers were for courses in the following areas:

  • 34 offers in the field of Creative Arts (including Communication Design, Film and Television, Music, Custom Made Footwear, Landscape Architecture, Fine Arts and Media Production)
  • 31 in Society and Culture (including Arts and Arts/ Law, Criminology, Psychology and Public Relations)
  • 16 in Natural and Physical Sciences (including Biomedical Science, Science and Science/ Global Studies)
  • 15 in Management and Commerce (including Business, Commerce and Commerce/ Law, Economics and Finance)
  • 12 in Engineering and Related Technologies (including Aviation, Engineering, Engineering Automotive and Engineering Manufacturing and Mechatronics)
  • 8 in Architecture and Building (including Architecture, Building Design, Building and Construction and Interior Architecture)
  • 7 in Health (including Exercise and Sport Science, Health Sciences, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Social Work)
  • 4 in Information Technology (including Computer Science, Digital and Interactive Games, and Information Technology)

Many of our students will also study interstate (including Australian National University) and overseas.

We would like to congratulate all students of the Class of 2017 on their fantastic year and personal growth whilst at St Michael’s. We wish them the very best for all that lies ahead of them.

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