17 January, 2019 Academic

Class of 2018 first-round tertiary offers released

Following the wonderful VCE results of our Class of 2018, first-round tertiary offers were released yesterday.

St Michael’s students have a long history of continuing to tertiary study and into various post school pathways, and many of our students have received an offer that will enable them to take that next step into a tertiary course in their chosen area of study.

From our Class of 2018, 142 students undertook VCE, and 131 of our students applied for tertiary courses. We are pleased that of the students who applied for a tertiary course, 100% received a January or February offer through VTAC.

Preparing our students for the next step in their life is a fundamental obligation at St Michael’s. The Class of 2018 has been encouraged and supported by our committed teaching staff to follow their passions and excel in their areas of choice.

In their final years, the School’s Careers Counsellor, Miss Robyn McKenzie, plays a vital role in helping our students plan for life beyond St Michael’s; conducting one-on-one and group interviews and sessions with all students. St Michael’s ensures students are well-informed about all the possibilities available to them, including tertiary education and career options, so that they leave St Michael’s equipped with the confidence and clarity of purpose to make the most of their future opportunities.

“What stands out to me about the Class of 2018 is the diverse range of areas students were applying for, demonstrating that these are students who embrace opportunities and do not mind treading their own path. Amongst the range this year includes Science Advanced – Global Challenges at Monash University (using science to address complex global challenges through leadership, persuasive communication, entrepreneurship, policy, ethics and corporate social responsibility), Osteopathy, Speech Pathology and Engineering/Innovation and Design,” said Miss McKenzie.

“It is always a delight when students receive an offer for the course they were most excited about, these are sometimes students who may have been less academic, but researched, explored and discovered a course that sounds just right for them. This is an encouraging and positive message for our future Year 12 students.”

This year, our students were offered places in a variety of tertiary institutions. 41 students of the Class of 2018 received a first-round offer for The University of Melbourne, 29 for RMIT University, 18 for Monash University, 16 for Swinburne University, 9 for Deakin University, 7 for Victoria University, 4 for Australian Catholic University, and 3 for La Trobe University. Students also received offers from a number of other tertiary institutions, including TAFE, foundation programs and independent tertiary colleges.

Reflecting the diversity of interests and abilities of St Michael’s students, a wide variety of single and double degree courses were chosen by our students. The majority of offers were for courses in the following areas:

  • 46 offers in the field of Society and Culture (including Arts and Arts/Law, Arts/Education, Forensic Science/Criminology, International Studies, Criminology, Psychology and Media and Communication)
  • 27 in Management and Commerce (including Banking and Finance, Business, Commerce and Commerce/Law, Economics and Finance, Event Management, International Business, Marketing and Communication, Property Valuation, Tourism and Hospitality and Sport Management/Business)
  • 26 in Creative Arts (including Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Film, Television and Animation, Fine Arts, Journalism, Interior Design, Media, Music, Photography and Visual Merchandising )
  • 14 in Natural and Physical Sciences (including Biomedicine, Science, Science Advanced – Global Challenges, Science/Engineering and Science/Veterinary Medicine)
  • 13 in Health (including Allied Health Assistance, Allied Science/Speech Pathology, Chiropractic/Health Science, Exercise and Sport Science, Health Sciences, Nursing, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Social Work)
  • 8 in Engineering and Related Technologies (including Aviation, Engineering, Engineering/Innovation and Design, Engineering – Civil and Infrastructure, Industrial Design)
  • 6 in Architecture and Building (including Architecture, Building and Construction and Interior Architecture)
  • 2 in Information Technology (including Computer Science and Games and Interactivity/Computer Science)
  • 1 in Agriculture and Environment (Conservation and Land Management)

Many of our students will also study interstate (including the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) and overseas. Some have also chosen to take GAP years to work and travel.

We would like to congratulate all students on their fantastic achievements and personal growth whilst at St Michael’s. We wish the Class of 2018 the very best for all that lies ahead and look forward to following them on their future journey as Old Michaelians.