02 March, 2021 Community

Chloe and Matilda making waves at Anglesea SLSC

To many young people across Australia, summer means Nippers. Nippers is a beach education program where children aged 5-14 are introduced to lifesaving via fun beach and water activities in a safe environment.

In the summer of 2017-2018, like thousands of children around the country, Chloe (4F) joined her local Nippers program at Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC).

  • chloe-and-matilda-making-waves-at-anglesea-slsc
  • chloe-and-matilda-making-waves-at-anglesea-slsc

Anglesea SLSC is very proud to have created the Starfish Nippers program; a modified Nipper program for children and young adults with a disability, a truly inclusive Nippers program which engages the Starfish Nippers with all participants of the broader program throughout the traditional summer season.

Starfish Nippers has meant that Chloe can take part in all the Nipper activities such as beach running and beach flag races, boarding, catching waves and learning about water safety.

I love seeing all my Nippers friends every summer and I love the beach flag races and catching waves on the boards.Chloe (4F)

The program is modified to every participant’s ability and each Nipper has one-on-one support with a trained water safety mentor. In her 4 years at the club, Chloe has been fortunate enough to train alongside Old Michaelian Matilda Cameron (OM 2014), who has been part of the program since its inception 10 years ago. Matilda has worked with Chloe as her mentor and is now the Starfish Coordinator for Anglesea SLSC.

Many aspects of the program make Chloe’s parents Juliette and Cameron proud.

Seeing Chloe have fun at the beach, all whilst improving her physical strength, her water and beach skills, and water safety awareness is a highlight of the year for our family. It is a truly inclusive and supportive environment and program.Juliette, Chloe's mum
  • chloe-and-matilda-making-waves-at-anglesea-slsc
  • chloe-and-matilda-making-waves-at-anglesea-slsc

Chloe’s family also value the involvement of all the Age Group Nippers at Anglesea in the Starfish Nippers program. All the Nippers across all age groups have unique opportunities to buddy up and train with the Starfish Nippers group in a meaningful, fun and positive way.

“Chloe’s whole physical strength and confidence has improved out of bounds.” – Cameron, Chloe’s dad

Founded at Anglesea SLSC in 2011, this year Starfish Nippers is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and clubs around the nation are beginning to catch the wave and sign on to run the program. Chloe has also completed two Starfish Nippers seasons at Hampton LSC and has just started her first season at Port Melbourne LSC, which is rolling out the Starfish Nippers program for the very first time.

“More and more Life Saving Clubs are showing interest in the Starfish Nipper program which is just great because the goal is for all clubs to run a Starfish Nippers program. This season 5 Starfish Nippers at Anglesea SLSC achieved their CPR and Radio certificates which will allow them to patrol with their friends over summer. The program is a truly inclusive program for all abilities that we are so proud to be a part of.”
Juliette, Chloe’s mum