13 March, 2019 Community

St Michael’s celebrates International Women’s Day

Celebrated globally on March 8, International Women’s Day (IWD) recognises women’s achievements, raises awareness against bias and takes action for equality.

This year, over 130 members of the School community came together on IWD and enjoyed breakfast at Dolly’s Café organised by Year 12 student volunteers with the support of teacher Ms Kate Gotlib.

Attendees at the breakfast were engaged and inspired by keynote speaker, Senior Human Rights and Discrimination Lawyer, Gemma Leigh-Dodds (OM 2005).

Gemma spoke passionately about inequality and gender bias in our society and how far we still have to go to achieve equal rights and opportunities for women and girls.

St Michael’s celebrates International Women’s Day Gemma Leigh-Dodds (OM 2005) and Mrs Terrie Jones

The breakfast also helped raise funds and facilitated a collection of much-needed women’s toiletries for Sacred Heart Mission.

St Michael’s celebrates International Women’s Day Student volunteers collecting toiletries for Sacred Heart Mission

In celebrating IWD at St Michael’s, students and staff across the School spoke about women who inspire them.

  • st-michaels-celebrates-international-womens-day
    Leon, Year 11
  • st-michaels-celebrates-international-womens-day
    Saskia and Harriet, Year 5
My mum is my biggest inspiration because she is a single mum and works hard to take care of my brother and me.Leon, Year 11
I’m inspired by Ariana Grande because she’s an amazing singer. I look up to her because I love singing and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.Saskia, Year 5
I’m inspired by Serena Williams and her success in tennis. She is an incredible sports person and motivates me to do well in the sports I play such as Basketball.Harriet, Year 5
  • st-michaels-celebrates-international-womens-day
    Ms Kate Gotlib and Alessandra, Year 9
  • st-michaels-celebrates-international-womens-day
    Romy, Prep
I admire Julia Gillard, not only was she Australia’s first female Prime Minister, but she was also Prime Minister of a hung Parliament and still managed to make meaningful changes that bettered our society.Ms Kate Gotlib, Teacher
Aretha Franklin, she was an incredibly powerful figure even though she was living in a time of sexism and segregation. She was an inspiring person.Alessandra, Year 9
My mum because she looks after me and gives me hugs when she picks me up from school. Her hugs are special.Romy, Prep

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the IWD breakfast and made it such a special morning, and thank you to our student volunteers and Ms Kate Gotlib for organising the event, and to Gemma for inspiring us all with her passionate speech.