One of the highlights in the calendar (31 August) for the children in Arbor and Silvae is the Annual Dinner Party. It’s a very special evening, where the children of both 4-year-old groups come together and create a memory that will last a lifetime. One of Loris Malaguzzi’s famous quotes is ‘Nothing without Joy’ and I believe that it perfectly encapsulates all that this evening is about as it was full of joy, wonder, excitement and gratitude.

St Michael's Grammar School

The teachers transform the learning environments into spaces fit for the finest of dining experiences and are ready to welcome the children back to school at 6pm – ready for a night full of excitement. Entrée is served in the downstairs chapter of the Allan Pizzey building before the children are escorted into their classrooms for main course and dessert, followed by a torchlight wander around the school grounds.

The children in both Arbor and Silvae were given an opportunity to reflect on the evening and share their favourite memories.

My favourite part was the fairy lights and the dinner and everything else; everyone dressing up, the fairy lights, the flowers and how our names were put on the rings. I love the room because I love beautiful things. It made me feel happy.’ – Grace

‘My favourite part of the dinner party was the possum walk. The wilderness wasn’t quite what I expected because it was kind of wild. I felt good because they have lots of possums in the trees. The possums were in the far away tree. It looked like a huge snake.’ – Zachariah

‘I liked it because the lockers had moved and because my locker was next to the Arbor. My mummy said when she walked in she could see her favourite flowers. I could see my favourite flowers, magnolias and lavender. It made me feel a little bit tired but it was fun and exciting. I’ll always remember the Arbor, it looked like a fairy bridge. I enjoyed spending time with my friends because every night I always miss my kinder friends.’ – Meggie

‘It was the best day of my life because of the possum walk and the food, the pasta. I felt cool when I walked through the Arbor, it made me feel excited.’ – Lawrence Kease

I was excited because I haven’t been to a dinner party before.’ – Tess

I was so happy because I had my first dinner party at school.’ – Harry

St Michael's Grammar School

I felt happy. I drew a picture with everybody in it. They walked through the magical doorway.’ – Elora

‘I felt excited because I got a surprise when I came through the door.’ – Poppy

Thank you to all of the teachers in Margaret Thomas House for enabling the Dinner Party to come to fruition once again. And to the children in both Abor and Silvae, thank you for creating another wonderful memory for me – it was a night I will never forget.

Emily Trenchard
Director of Learning (K–1)