Each year, a major highlight on the School calendar is the annual 12 Exhibition. This year, the outstanding display of artwork from graduating VCE students is being held from 11 to 14 October at Brightspace Gallery, St Kilda. The exhibition is open to all community members and provides a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their work from a diverse range of VCE classes, including Visual Communication Design, Studio Arts, Media and Art.

Acrylic paint on nema board by Isobel | Embroidery cotton on linen by Indra | Digital print by James

Acrylic paint on nema board by Isobel | Embroidery cotton on linen by Indra | Digital print by James

Head of Visual Arts and Design, Miss Monique Warwick, says that the opportunity to exhibit work in an established community gallery in the vibrant artistic hub of St Kilda, gives the students an authentic experience, that exposes them to opportunities within the art and design world. ‘Seeing their work on show to a larger audience is both exciting and intimidating,’ says Miss Warwick.

Year 12 student, Wendy says that the cohort are extremely excited to have all their hard work shown in the 12 exhibition at Brightspace Gallery. ‘It’s been a really difficult and liberating process and I’m delighted for everyone to see our works realised.’

What to expect

‘At this year’s event, attendees can expect to see a collection that covers a myriad of themes. From young designers promoting wines, festivals and architectural spaces, to Arts and Studio Arts students, exploring memory, family, self and time,’ says Miss Warwick. ‘The use of mixed media and working in a variety of studios is quite prevalent this year, so there will be a mixture of platforms being used to communicate concepts.’

Digital print by Massimo

Digital print by Massimo

With the introduction of Media in the curriculum this year, there will also be a number of short films, art films, magazines and artist books on display at the exhibition.

Year 12 student, James, says that studying Art over the last few years has been really valuable for him. ‘It has given me a platform to articulate things that I would not otherwise be able to express, giving me an outlet both conceptually and physically,’ says James. ‘It’s a great stress relief.’

Gouache on cotton rag paper by Amelia

Gouache on cotton rag paper by Amelia

For most students, this is the first time that their artwork will be displayed in a commercial gallery. 12 allows students to experience a transition from creating art as a student at St Michael’s, to leaving school and making art in a world beyond the School gates. It also serves as a fantastic opportunity to connect students with like-minded artists and designers.

Where and when

Students, staff, family, friends and community members are all encouraged to visit Brightspace from 11-14 October during show hours (below) to help us celebrate the incredible artistic talents of our Year 12 students. Please join us during the following times:

Thursday – Friday, 11am to 5pm | Saturday – Sunday, 12pm to 4pm

Location: Brightspace Gallery, 8 Martin St, St Kilda

Short film 'Contempt' by Hunter

Short film ‘Contempt’ by Hunter